Transnational project meetings

The 3 Transnational project meetings took place in: Croatia on 28-30.09.2015, Latvia on 23-25.05.2016 and the final meeting will take place in Poland on 24-26.12.2016.

The first Transnational project meetings at the very start of the project aimed at:

  • initiating and coordinating actions,
  • setting fixed deadlines for particular activities.

The second meeting covered such issues as:

  • organizing the "Shake up Start ups" Non-formal entrepreneurship academy for the young people who represented partner organizations,
  • implementing the"Shake up Start ups" Non-formal entrepreneurship, as a part of the project,
  • deciding on the format of the future project publications,
  • scheduling events across three countries to boost awareness,
  • to report on the project progress including reporting on the results of the Intellectual output.

The final and third meeting will seek to evaluate the project:

  • summarizing the results achieved, including Intellectual output,
  • the last meeting will also cover the question of consolidating the project’s results and elaborating on the terms of future cooperation.

The project staff, experts, youth-workers took part in all Transnational project meetings.