"Shake up Start ups" Non-formal entrepreneurship academy includes also office tours and open doors at companies, accompanied by meet ups and networking sessions at start ups.

Thanks to those events young people have a chance to visit different companies, start ups, co-working spaces, incubators, etc., located in a city.
The idea is similar to the “open door policy”, which is a communication policy at companies, where the management, CEO or a company’s president, literally, leaves their office door open. This shows the company’s transparency and encourage the employees to come in at any time, if they have any questions, suggestions, concerns, that the need to discuss with the management.
During those events young people and staff from companies get to know each other. Companies and institutions can also organize talks and workshops on topics or interest. Those talks and workshops can be self-organized, meaning that someone from the company/institution will be the speaker.
Open doors and office tours are very beneficial for companies and institutions, as they can promote their business, communicate with the local community, connect with potential clients or employees.

Please see the good practices and short descriptions of different events regarding start ups available to download.

Download the complete Methodology handbook "Shake up Start ups" Non-formal entrepreneurship academy in .pdf format in the following language versions: Polish-English, Latvian-English, Croatian-English.